Alvapack Group was founded in 2003 and in a relatively short time it managed to make a role for itself in the fresh cut packaging industry.

The reasons for our success lies on the approach we have to our clients; we prefer to stand as partners rather than mere suppliers, and this is the reason why major companies (Mio Orto, Sab Ortofrutta, La Linea Verde, Ambruosi & Viscardi (Italian market); Eisberg Group, Vitana, Belaya Dacha (european market) first tested our performance and day after day built up their confidence and reliance to our services, to an extent that now we are a key company to work with.

Our anti-fog film is regarded by many and users as among the best currently available on the market.

Our lab allows us to analyze the film through every step of the production process, from raw material procurement to final product packaging. Through HACCP guidelines we guarantee to the end user a compliant product that won’t cause any problems, either during processing or on the shelf.

We have set up an in-house design studio available to our clients free of charge.

As a Commercial Service Company, we are totally end-client focused, we work to fulfill our customers’ needs, providing innovative solutions for a wide range of market sectors.

We have always in mind what is important to our customers: what matters to them, matters to us at Alvapack.