We offer a wide range of high quality BoPP Antifog films in a large variety of packaging formats. We carefully select our raw material suppliers and support them in the production process to obtain the best Antifog result on the market.

We use up to 8 colors high performance flexoprint machines and up to 10 colors rotogravure machines for the best quality printing.

Our main product lines:

  • Printed and unprinted  20 a 35 µ  BOPP Antifog and non Antifog
  • Printed and unprinted BOPP Antifog perfored microwavable end-products
  • Printed and unprinted Peelable Films for all kind of support (OPS/PP/PET)


  • All films can be laminated
  • All films can be perforated thanks to our laser technology
  • We constantly keep a minimum of 400 tons of raw material in our stock (anti-fog polypropylene film)


BRC – Global Standard Issue 1

This product certification guarantees the standardization of quality, safety and operational criteria. It ensure that Alvapack Group fulfils its legal obligations and provides protection for the end consumer through HACCP (Hazard analysis and critical point) guidelines.


Our in-house laboratory is equipped with the most advanced technology and is able to run the following tests:

    1. conformity of inbound material: friction coefficient, crown treatment, thickness, sealing strength, transparency, etc. Sample controls are run on approximately 10% of the materials
    2. conformity of output material: same tests as above, though the later ar run on every primary spool; in addition we test the residual solvent on the colors we use for print.